A 184cm(my height) cube was built out of thin cotton by Sarah Fairweather.
I threw 5 Litres of paint from inside for 20 minutes, whilst Hotte Schulz played drums, Can Winter played synthersizers, electronics and drums.
At The Show for Gallery Weekend at Alte Münze, 27.04.19.
Photos: From the performance(Simm Paat), details inside the cube, the cube, floor of the cube.

Reconfiguring Gradients

A 200x500cm cotton canvas with two different blue gradients was ripped apart, and then stapeled back togther.
Whilst Kat Austen made music with circuit bent devices that measure various properties of water such as pH.
We performed for 20 minutes for the opening of my solo exhibition "Large Body Of Water" at Retramp Gallery, Berlin 4.10.19.
Photos and filming by Joseph Tremblay.

Dance With Rocks

A currently project in which I throw stones until I am unable to. 
In the video below I stop because my hands have gone numb.