Large Body Of Water

This exhibition marked the end of the year long exploration into blue.

Featured Works:
Reconfiguring Gradients - Performance, experimental water sounds and chemistry by Kat Austen, rearrangement of shades of blue by myself.
Cube Floor - is the canvas from beneath a performance where I threw paint from inside a transparent cube, with Hotte Schulz and Can Winter on drums and synthesizers. 
Almost Symmetry - large works that show the frustrations of expectations in the creative process. "I would begin with a visualisation of a piece, prepare the studio for a few hours, and paint the work. But it would be wrong, forced and not relaxed, not satisfying to look at. I would add something more to try to fix it, and again I would feel dissatisfied, only once I gave up and enjoyed the process of throwing paint and let go of wanting to make something did I make something."
Tape Series - small works that were layed out in a grid and covered in paint, tape was placed in vertical lines to give clear distinctions between layers, this was repeated every two weeks for six months. Every other week the pieces in the series were scrutinised to see if they were "finished", those that were not repeated the paint throwing process. 
Cloud Series - three shades of blue arranged in a grid, embracing the imperfect nature of relaxed repetition.
Retramp Gallery, 62 Reuterstrasse, Berlin. 04.10.19-13.10.19