Simon Findlay blends performance and painting by using a broom to create powerful strokes on large canvas.
His artistic process is linked with his physical/mental health, which is supported by consistently painting a large work every month.

"These images would plague my dreams and meditations, over and over, the only way I could ease them was to paint them"

As of September 2018 he paints in blue monochrome.
He collaborates with musicians, dancers, fashion designers and other performers.

Findlay only wears short shorts and people often yell the following things at him as he rides his bike in Winter:
Are you cold? It’s not Summer! Where are your pants? Do you get sick? Are you ok? You’re so sporty! You’re so healthy! You’re crazy!

A multi instrumentalist, he currently performs with live electro trio Cloud Kinski and his solo project Kakariko. He was the drummer of dance/punk trio 8 Bit Love, and was the tallest member of experimental/performance group Daft Folk.

Australian artist Simon Findlay lives in Berlin. He studied Graduate Diploma in Psychology(Deakin University), Relaxation Massage and Remedial Massage(Evolve College), and Bachelor of Science(University of Melbourne).

Exhibitions and performances

Reconfiguring Gradients, Retramp, 04.10.19 - Performance with Kat Austen
Large Body Of Water, Retramp, 04.10.19-13.10.19 - Solo exhibit
Cube, The Show, Gallery Weekend, Alte Münze, 27.04.19 - Performance, with Hotte Schulz and Can Winter
Tape Off, GlogauAir, 08.02.19 - Performance, with Xiaoer Liu and Sven Hirsch
Hungry For Moonlight, La Bettolab 21.12.18 - Performance, with Xiaoer Liu and Sven Hirsch
Pandora Untergeschoss, Berlin Film Festival, 15.12.18 - Group exhibit
Kakariko In Space, Greenhouse Berlin, 08.12.18 - Book launch and reading
Pandora Untergeschoss, Art Kreuzberg Festival, 08.09.18 - Group exhibit
Super fast Blue Ink Expressionist Portraits, La Bettolab, 20.07.18 - Performance
Retramp, 05.07.18-18.07.18 - Solo exhibit
Pandora Untergeschoss, Gellery Opening, 28.04.18 - Group exhibit
Kunst Im Raum, Berio - solo exhibit - 10.04.18-10.06.18 - Solo exhibit
Live painting, La Bettolab 03.12.17 - Performance
Expath Mitte - 01.11.17-28.02.18 - Solo exhibit
Sixty Degrees - 01.07.17-30.07.17 - Solo exhibit
Massage By Colours, Cafe Kotti. 01.07.17 - Performance
Growing Pains, Greenhouse Berlin 17.06.17-22.06.17 - Group exhibit