Simon Findlay takes his physical inspiration from drumming and sports massage to create powerful direct strokes on large canvas or as site specific work. Using a broom to paint allows Findlay to express the motifs of weather; ice, snow, rain and storms. Along with meditation, exercise and stretches, Findlay's artistic process is one that is intrinsically linked to his journey of health inside and out.
To build up tension and release, once a month he goes all out. The rest of the month is spent on small abstract works, developing colour schemes or drawing those around him in an expressionistic way.
A multi instrumentalist, he currently plays drum sequencer/bass sequencer in Cloud Kinski a live dark cloud electro trio, and synth/vocals/flute in his solo project Kakariko that is something between 80s pop songs and nine minute club tracks. He has played/toured/recorded with dance/punk trio 8 Bit Love which he drummed for, and the experimental/performance group Daft Folk in which they all played everything.
Australian artist Simon Findlay lives in Berlin. He studied Graduate Diploma in Psychology(Deakin University), Relaxation Massage and Remedial Massage(Evolve College), and Bachelor of Science(University of Melbourne).

Exhibitions and performances

Cube, The Show, Gallery Weekend, Alte Münze, 27.04.19 - Performance, with Hotte Schulz and Can Winter
Tape Off, GlogauAir, 08.02.19 - Performance, with Xiaoer Liu and Sven Hirsch
Hungry For Moonlight, La Bettolab 21.12.18 - Performance, with Xiaoer Liu and Sven Hirsch
Pandora Untergeschoss, Berlin Film Festival, 15.12.18 - Group exhibit
Kakariko In Space, Greenhouse Berlin, 08.12.18 - Book launch and reading
Pandora Untergeschoss, Art Kreuzberg Festival, 08.09.18 - Group exhibit
Super fast Blue Ink Expressionist Portraits, La Bettolab, 20.07.18 - Performance
Retramp, 05.07.18-18.07.18 - Solo exhibit
Pandora Untergeschoss, Gellery Opening, 28.04.18 - Group exhibit
Kunst Im Raum, Berio - solo exhibit - 10.04.18-10.06.18 - Solo exhibit
Live painting, La Bettolab 03.12.17 - Performance
Expath Mitte - 01.11.17-28.02.18 - Solo exhibit
Sixty Degrees - 01.07.17-30.07.17 - Solo exhibit
Massage By Colours, Cafe Kotti. 01.07.17 - Performance
Growing Pains, Greenhouse Berlin 17.06.17-22.06.17 - Group exhibit