Dance With Rocks

Dance With Rocks 1
I collected rocks that weighed about 15 kilos each and took them along with my recording gear to Tempelhofer Field. It was about 0’C with a little snow on the ground. I threw for nine and a half minutes before my hands became so numb that I could not feel the rocks as I lifted them, this signalled the end of the piece. I sent the video to a few performance artist friends for feedback, they suggested that I explore endurance performance art, repetition and exhaustion. They also suggested that I shouldn’t try to control or compose the performance, to let the situation and my body talk.
Performance and video: 9 minutes 48 seconds. 04.01.21.

Dance With Rocks 2
On the field it was again 0’C, with a light wind, a little snow on the ground and falling. I focused on endurance; cardio stamina, strength of moving the rocks, and ability to endure the cold. This day I was experiencing powerful strength, along with a reduced ability to feel physical and emotional sensations. Concerned that my hands would go numb in about ten minutes, I decided to throw the rocks harder and faster so that I could reach exhaustion before my hands became unusable. After 41 minutes I did not feel exhausted, but had buried one of the rocks into the ground, which signalled the end of the piece.
Performance and video: 41 minutes 12 seconds. Video Edit: 16 minutes 19 seconds. Joseph Tremblay - camera. 15.01.21.

Dance With Rocks 3
Whenever I see beautiful intense weather, I want to be inside of it, to experience it fully, to become it. There was a snow storm on Tempelhofer Field, the coldest day I had seen in my five years of living in Berlin. -10’C with wind at 13knots and gusts at 23knots (adjusted -20’C). After six minutes my hands had become unbearably numb, signalling the end of the piece.
Performance: 6 minutes 15 seconds. Video: 3 minutes 5 seconds. Joseph Tremblay - camera. 08.02.21.

Standing On Top A Washing Machine To Throw Wine Bottles Of Paint At The Ground

Collect a wine bottle from the nearby trash.
Roll 2x 6-sided dice and add the corresponding numbers of paint along with some water to the wine bottle, feel free to swirl partially/fully/not all to mix. 1 orange, 2 white, 3 yellow, 4 blue, 5 green, 6 purple.
Roll a 12 sided die, the number corresponds like a clock in the direction to throw. 12 o’clock being towards the front.
Climb on top of the washing machine and throw the bottle hard downwards.

A washing machine is to be stood on top of in an empty carpark (if a washing machine is unavailable other white goods, such as a fridge, or microwave will do, if none of those are available a ladder or something else tall will suffice).
It sits in the middle of an array of 33 pieces of wood or canvas (20x15x2cm), laid out in a scattered circular way around the washing machine.
The piece goes for a specified amount of time, suggested 3 hours, to end at sunset.
Once completed, the wood may be collected and arranged to form a large piece, or as individual pieces.
Anyone who participated is welcome/encourage to take any piece when the event is concluded.

For the The Palace Collective applications opening event at 90mil on 23.04.24 with Adam, Elie, Trilly, Emma, Yuki, Julia, Thea, Rocky, Ronen, Joana, Oliver, Riley, Chris, Sara, Ortansia, Jean, Zoë, Vey.
Portrait: Elie Love.


Playground: Painted Movement

With The Palace Collective Art Residency at Gorzanów Palace Poland, 2023. Project Lead: Clara Maj Lichius. Music Director: Tum Ásh. Performers: Bela Belissima, Clara Maj Lichius, Dominique Nigro, Harry Silverlock, Isabelle Bapté aka Mimoza, Laynie Marie, Phoebe McIndoe, Simon Findlay, Zuza Zagajewska. Musicians: Bellatrix (voice/bass), Jack Miguel (ambient/noise/clarinet), Josh Grey-Jung(ambient/noise), Rory Malone (keys), Tomáš Kašpar (guitar), Tum Ásh (drums). Live Sound: Alicja Gabryelczyk. Lighting: David Dickens. Camera: Joseph Devitt-Tremblay, Joe Marchant. Video Edit: Simon Findlay.

Water Plants, Lemons, Bananas

I asked 20 people to open the notes app on their phone to their most rescent one (that they would be happy to share). I copied these down onto different A5 sheets of paper until the page was full or the note was finished. I asked someone to shuffle the notes, they had 10 seconds only (that is was done with hast was important, to only partially randomise the order). Using pens, markers and paint, I read out loud and then wrote each of the notes as fast as I could comfortably.

How do these notes reflect ourselves as a group? A mixture of mundane to do lists, and fleeting moments of poetry are blended together, layered over top of each other. How does the audience as active observers effect the way the words are spoken, written and interpreted?

Retramp, Neukolln, 10.11.23.
Photos - Simon Walker, Joseph Devitt-Tremblay, Rory Malone, Naomi Blundell Meyer, Madison Weinhoffer


A 184cm(my height) cube was built out of thin cotton by Sarah Fairweather.
I threw 5 Litres of paint from inside for 20 minutes, whilst Hotte Schulz played drums, Can Winter played synthersizers, electronics and drums.
At The Show for Gallery Weekend at Alte Münze, 27.04.19. Simm Paat - photos/film from the performance.